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The New Normal

After a broad overview of my childhood and adult life in the first two Chapters, the rest of the book focuses on my coming out as transgender and transition from 2011 to 2015.  

My story benefits from the privileges of being white and middle class, but tempered by a history of disability and abuse.

Each Chapter has Reflection questions at the end, to help readers apply the issues raised in the Chapter to their lives.  Academically, they could be used as the basis for written and/or oral discussion topics. 


Praise for The New Normal

Trigger Warnings and Disclaimers


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Chapter 1 – My Foundation - Childhood

Chapter 2 – Adulting

Chapter 3 – Breaking Free and Searching for Answers

Chapter 4 – Hello Jennifer!

Chapter 5 – Hormones are Fun!

Chapter 6 – Coming Out

Chapter 7 – Gender Confirmation

Chapter 8 – Name Change

Chapter 9 – Social and Sexual Transition

Chapter 10 – The Future

Appendix A: Terminology

Appendix B: References

Appendix C: 12 Minutes

Appendix D: Coming out letter to my family

Appendix E: Coming out rebuttals

Appendix F:  Drugs and Foods to Avoid Pre-surgery

Appendix G:  The Federalist letter

The New Normal was written intermittently from June 2016 to January 2019.  It contains about 93,000 words, 432 pages, 342 references, and 45 figures and tables.
It is published by The Unbound Press.  

ISBN 978-1-916087507 (paperback )

ISBN 978-1-916087514 (ebook)