Praise for The New Normal

Thanks to Jill (on the About page), Jennifer, Bernadette, Susana, and Monica for providing pre-release reviews of my manuscript.

Bernadette Pleasant
Creator of Femme!

"This is storytelling! Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your story so openly. I learned. I cried. I laughed. This is a fantastic read that leaves the reader fascinated, enlightened and more understanding.
I am loving this book! What a page turner!  Jennifer’s candor vividly tells her story in such a captivating way. It is entirely infectious. This book takes the reader on a gripping journey. It is informative, smart and thoroughly eye-opening."

"A straightforward, unflinching story of one person’s gender transition that demystifies the process from beginning to end. The factual and academic information coupled with the personal journey reveals the complex road and basket of complicated decisions a transgender person must face. The direct and chronological unfolding of the story manages to normalize what can often be seen from the outside as either a courageous or foolish act – which ultimately is the point: the greatest act of bravery is sometimes being oneself."

Monica Anna Day
Founder, MAD Life LLC

"Dr. Jennifer Booker’s captivating autobiographical account of her transformation is both earnest and informative, and at times heartbreaking.  The word chutzpah was made for women like her.  She chronicles how her early experiences with sexuality and disability shaped her journey, and weaves together a complex narrative of the intersectionality of these experiences that help us to understand the social construction of femininity. The resulting manuscript is appropriate for diverse audiences, people considering GCS, and people trying to understand the transgender experience, be they members of the LGBTQIA+ community, medical professionals, scholars of gender, disability and queer studies, as well as, the curious public striving to understand social change."

Jennifer Rode, Ph.D.
University College London

"Dr. Jennifer Booker is one of the most courageous women I know. She has generously shared her comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of transitioning. The attendees of my Erotic Literary Salon were privileged to hear some of her heartfelt stories (some retold in this book) as she embarked on her journey from Glenn to Jennifer."

Susana Mayer, Ph.D.
Founder and Host of the
Erotic Literary Salon